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380 SL fuel-pump problem.

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(Msg. 1) Posted: Sun Sep 04, 2005 1:03 pm
Post subject: 380 SL fuel-pump problem.

I have a 1985 380 SL. the fuel-pump stoped working on the road, I was driving and it died for me three times during a long drive that day, but restarted again, then it died complitely and I finded out that the fuel-pump did not worked, I checked for power and no power, I hot-wired it direct from the battery via a on-off switch to be able to get home.
I checked and exchanged the relay (Kick-down) but no luck. the + wire (red-white-black) at the pump is going to ground, I can not find any falt on the wire from pump to conect-box behind glov-box.
I'm very greatful for any help. Erixon

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